G.H.A.S (Great Horwood and Singleborough) Youth Club for Young People aged 11yrs-16yrs.


The idea of a Youth Club began at a Church Away Day in the Autumn of 2009, when the PCC were discussing how St James Church could better serve the Village, especially the Young People. Additionally they were aware that the Parish Plan had concluded that more recreational facilities were needed for the Youth of the Village.

Questionnaires were sent to all the Village households and received a positive response to the idea. Therefore a planning committee was set up of interested Adults and Young People who emphasised how important a Youth Club would be to sustain friendships especially at the time when they leave the village by different modes of transport to go to disparate Secondary Schools.


The Planning Committee agreed the Aims of the Youth Club to be:-

  • To provide a local resource for Young People.

  • To support Young People at the age of 11+ (or school year 6) to sustain their friendship groups.

  • To support and encourage community relations between the Young and not so Young of the Village.

Initial funding to set up the Youth Club came from Bucks County Council, St James Church and the Lord of the Manor. The Young People on the Planning Committee suggested a variety of activities to appeal to all tastes and interests. G.H.A.S commenced in September 2010, with Ann Harwood (Curate) as leader.

The Present

Now in 2014, Monica Gilbey is Chair and Helen Grimditch is the Adult leader. 37 Young People are registered and meet regularly in the Village Hall on most Monday evenings in term time. At present, GHAS is ‘excellent in financial terms’ due in the main to the support from the Local Area Forum and the Parish Council. A variety of activities are offered, ranging from table tennis, Wii games, softball tennis to craftwork, giant jenga, cooking etc. We now purchase activities from Youth for Christ which include Pop Up Cafe and Sports Cage, and I-van is purchased from Community Impact, Bucks.


Some Young People’s Views:-

Great Horwood Youth Club is really fun and all the activities are great, there are new things each week”

Tonight we have done sumo wrestling which was really enjoyable.  The adults are friendly and help you if you are stuck”

I think the Youth Club is amazing. It’s a great place to socialise”



Chairman’s Report 15th September 2014

The Past year has once again been a busy one for our few volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this Youth Club a fun and safe place for all to be. It could be thought that 7-8.30pm is the only time that the volunteers are involved, but in fact, and I can certainly confirm this, many hours are spent behind the scenes in order to make this Youth Club the best it can be. So I think we should all join in with a round of applause for each and every one of the adult leaders.

I also have some really positive news because Issy, Daisy and Jake have volunteered to become Young Leaders….they have already come up with some great ideas…..they will be leading some activities so please support them and let them know if you have any ideas for club nights.

I have carried on going to the Bucks Local Area Forum meetings, in fact Issy, Daisy and Jake also attended one meeting and our attendance has certainly shown me that this village is one of a very few to have a Youth Club. I have filled out many long application forms and we have been successful once again in gaining grants to pay for some bought in events for the rest of this financial year and to pay for the Young Leader’s training in February 2015.

We have enjoyed a great year and have been able to organise some fantastic events e.g. the enormous meal at Nandos, Pop Up Café, Sumo wrestling, sports cage, Christmas disco, Bonfire night and Skate Park to name but a few. We now have approximately 37 Young People on our register, which I think confirms the success of this Youth Club.

At present our Management Committee is:-

Monica … chair
David   … treasurer and safeguarding officer
Amy     … first aider
Helen   … adult leader.

Finally thanks go to Liz, who always arrives early to help me put out the tables and chairs and activities also to Big John who even though he is not formally an adult leader is often willing to come along and help. Thanks to you both. I will now conclude with a bit more good news and say welcome to Ruth who has volunteered to come along to GHAS Youth Club and be an adult leader. However, as always, we do need more volunteers from the village. I am beginning to feel a little too old and so please volunteer if you can.

Monica Gilbey (chair of GHAS) 15/09/2014