Guide Books and Postcards


Saint Mary the Virgin Addington, by C.B., price £2 including p&p within the UK. 

        This book was the first ever guide book to be written. It includes material on the history of Addington generally, including the Manor House, and has a good selection of black and white photographs, including photographs of a page from the Addington Books, of some of the Netherlandish stained glass roundels, and of the demolished Victorian Manor House.

The Story of the Church in Addington, by David J. Critchley, price £2.50 incl. p&p within the UK.

        This is the second guide book to be written. It concentrates on the story of the church, linking changes in the religious life of the parish with changes in the fabric and furnishings of the church, incorporates results from recent researches, and has some photographs of previously unpublished drawings from Oxford University's Bodleian Library.

   Postcard showing the church in winter, 25p per card. 

        Both books can be obtained by sending a cheque or postal order made out to "Addington Parochial Church Council" for the appropriate sum in pounds sterling to: David J. Critchley Esq., 46 Station Road, Winslow, Buckingham, MK18 3EH, United Kingdom. Overseas purchasers please note the possibility of bank charges on cheques etc: the better thing might be to send us by registered post a banknote large enough to pay for the booklets plus postage after deduction of bank commission. Any surplus left over will be handed over to church maintenance or charitable work within the parish. If you want some postcards, add 25p per card to your cheque. 

There is a similar guidebook for Winslow. 

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