Pray Online


            "Teach us how to pray", said the disciples. I have looked on the web for sites to do this, sites that will talk us through the activity of prayer, rather than just give us a whole mass of prayers.

            The best that I have found is run by Irish Jesuits. I hope that you will find it helpful: it was featured in an article by Christopher Howse in The Daily Telegraph of London on 18 January 2003. You could also try Christworld which is dedicated to E-spirituality and E-ministry and is run by John Render, a Passionist father. Suzanne Harker, who helps him, also directs 21st Century Disciple - e-spirituality for busy people, which has a good set of starting points for reflection and prayer and is interestingly interactive. It has a special section Contemplation in the Market Place

    There are two good online retreats on the web: one run by the  Jesuits at Creighton University, another by the Benedictines at St. Gertrude's Monastery, Idaho.

            Good starting points for exploring prayer on the net are the site run by Sister Jill Maria Murdy of the Sacred Heart Benedictine Monastery, Richardton, North Dakota; the spirituality section of the Catholic Community search engine; and Firewatch, a site dedicated to distributing information on the works of the Trappist Thomas Merton and on religious contemplation in general.

            You may also find some sites set up by Terry Modica of Good News Ministries useful. You can pray the Rosary, follow the Stations of the Cross, or have an intimate conversation with the Resurrected Jesus.

            If you find any good "how to pray" sites, please email us and we can add them here.


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