Here are some pictures taken at a wedding weekend held at St Laurence Church, Winslow, in June 2014.



The church was beautifully decorated with flower arrangements and a fascinating display of wedding dresses through the decades. It brought everyone so much enjoyment and for many people reminded them of the wonderful memories of their actual wedding day.


The Rt. Rev. John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford led the Festive Sung Eucharist with a full congregation. His sermon was both inspiring and memorable. How fortunate we were.


Thank you to all those involved in organising the weekend. The flower team, and their friends, who for many days were busy arranging the magnificent floral displays; Liz Van de Poll, who had the original idea and for collecting and arranging the wedding dresses; the choir, the musical director, the organist and Sanctuary team; those who served the refreshments; stall holders; bell team; stewards, gardeners and furniture removers who all contributed to the two days before, during and after the event.

It is a weekend we will remember for many years, raising the profile of marriage as well as over £1,600 for Church funds.