My name’s Laurence, I’m the mascot for St. Laurence Church Choir, and I’m here to tell you a bit about the choir and what we do every week.


The Choir at St. Laurence is about forty strong, half adults and half children, and we are able to present a good-sized four-part choir at most services.


The role of the choir is to support the worship at any sung service. To this end we practice faithfully and hard every Friday evening; the juniors from 6.30 - 7.15, combined from 7.30 - 8.30, and adults from 8.30 - 9.00.



The aim of the choir is to sing well and have fun doing so. It is impossible to praise the Lord and be miserable at the same time, so laughter is often heard during practices as well as singing at services.

We are often asked to sing at weddings, we’ve even been as far as Liverpool to sing at one.



We’ll be pleased to welcome you. If you are interested in the choir please contact Derry French - details are on the "Parish Contacts" page at the bottom of the Winslow drop-down menu list.


The Choir is affiliated to The Royal School of Church Music and we follow their training scheme for choristers, young and not quite so young. 

The training is progressive and progress can be seen in the colour of medal ribbon worn by choristers. Light blue, dark blue and red ribbons are awarded in-house. Green and purple ribbons represent Bishop’s awards. The examinations for these awards are very stringent and we are pleased to have many Bishop’s Choristers in the choir, all of whom gained their awards as members of this choir.


A while ago we recorded some of our favourite pieces of sacred music and three of the tracks are included here. Click on the names opposite if you would like to hear them.

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Non nobis, Domine by Roger Quilter

God so loved the world by John Stainer

Ave verum by Edward Elgar





Taken at a concert in 2013.

Final practice in 2014 involving our former rector
organist - Belinda and Paul Searle-Barnes.



A normal Sunday!


Here are some other pictures of our choir, formally and informally!


    ... in cassocks and surplices,
              ready for service.  
                      ... at choir practice, ready for Red Nose Day!                                    ... in the vestry   



                                  ... altos and bass at practice                                                                                             .... on duty


And some pictures taken at a Crib Service at St Laurence which was 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'



2009 Carol Service at St Mary-the-Virgin, Addington - another church in the benefice


The organ was built by Messrs Bevington & Sons of London and was first used on Sunday 11th December 1911. When installed it was unusual in the sense that it was large for a church in a community the size of Winslow. It was also of high quality, costing over £900, and to replace it to today would cost in the region of £350,000.  It was completely renovated and restored to its original 1911 condition in 2019.


The organ has been in regular use throughout its life, and has served as an accompaniment to the choir (including various recordings over the years), a solo instrument for concerts, and to enhance all kinds of worship from traditional to contemporary, for example Nativity plays, Civic services such as Remembrance, carol services, Easter services, memorials, weddings, christenings and of course our regular Sunday services.

A technical description of the features of the organ is available by clicking here.